Minimalism: 4 Different Ways To Shower Less To Save Water

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The shower used to be one of the few places I would escape. Door closed, music playing, naked, and free. The hot showers were my escape from the cold apartments while the steam made me feel like I was at club. It's an introvert's paradise. But minimalism is showering with intent and mindfullness, not fun. So now I have four different types of showers to be fair to water insecurity and to honor what I need.

I'm a mild germophobe, so I mostly love cleanliness, but I love filthy. Filth is a fun minimalist experience because you want to minimize the excess dirt and grime that's been added to your body. But currently, your luxury will impact water security. Fresh water is running out, and since I don't live near the ocean and can't enjoy the natural salt exfoliating my skin, I still shower regularly. Here's how I do it.

1. Just A Butt Rinse

Minimalism feels easy because I'm neurotic and have mild OCD. I eat the same oatmeal breakfast every day, I enjoy consistency, and I don't mind repetition. Having order and consistency with food keeps my gut health balanced and my poop exit smooth. I feel like a grown-up when I only have to wipe once, and it's clean enough to put back on the roll. Homeostasis is perfection, and perfection is beauty.

Sometimes there's work to do because you've been eating bullshit. And being neurotic, I have to wash my ass after I drop a deuce. Minimalism is hyper-awareness, and nuerosis is feeling every particle smear between your cheeks. No thanks.

So after every poop, I run some water, hop in the shower, and I wash my ass. That's all I need, so that's all I need water for at the moment.

2. One-Minute Minimalist Shower

Sometimes my neurosis gets the best of me, and I feel dirty even though I know I'm not. Working from home, I don't get too dirty unless I workout, hike, or go for a run. So the one-minute shower is just a jab to the dirt. In and out. I hit my armpits, balls, and butt with soap, and I'm done.

3. One-Song Shower To Save Water

I started with a one-minute shower, but it didn't feel like enough. Sometimes I need to exfoliate, nd rub down my body after a workout or run and especially after shaving my head, so I do the one-song shower. Usually, it's 4-5 minutes. I use my coffee face scrub, shampoo my baldie to get rid of the sweat, grab my washcloth and get down on the funk on my body and in between my crevices with shampoo, which I also use as soap.

When the song is over, I'm mindful that it's time to wrap up, so midway through the next song or if the song is on repeat, I'm out and done.

4. Spa Day Shower

Spa day is the best day. Spa day is total body exfoliation, charcoal tongue cleaning, hot water, singing, rapping, dancing, and escaping in the shower. Spa days happen once a month or every two months. Sometimes I go for a walk and hit the blunt, and escape into my shower. My skin prunes and I kill some cells along the process, but I want the escape, the heat, and the primal feeling that my pink Himalayan salt lamp offers.

Less is More

I'm learning to embrace two days of natural life buildup more. I used to shower daily, but now just the butt rinse works some days, and two days without a shower is my max.

Minimalism is enjoying the joys of life in doses, so to balance the water insecurity, I practice mindful cleanliness. I feel good. I look good. I'm a shea butter man. And I'll enjoy what I can, while I can, when I need to. I hope the next generation can have access to a spa day.

Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece