Minimalism: Showering Less To Save More

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I used to shower daily. I run, wor kout, cycle, hike,  and go for walks that need some grime relief. The bathroom has always been a time to pause, reflect, and escape for just a little bit. But on my minimalism journey, I've been adjusting how often I shower and how I shower. Minimalism is accepting your filth when it isn't too filthy.

I like a good 3-4 song shower. I added a Himalayan salt lamp to the bathroom because the white lights feel intrusive and don't really offer the relief a restroom is designed to offer. When I poop, I turn on the Himalayan lamp, plug in headphones, and scroll through Twitter News. I'm a mild germophobe, and whenever I poop, I have to wash my ass. I'm neurotic about the debris, whether it's there or not. I have to feel clean, so sometimes I hop in the shower and just rinse.

Rub A Dub

I've spread my showers to every other day unless I'm really funky. I'm working on mastering the 2-minute shower. Armpits. Ass. And Balls. In and Out. I'm working on being more consistent with keeping my baldie, and whenever I cut my hair, I treat it as a spa moment. Deep exfoliation with my leftover coffee grinds. Nails clipped. Feet scrubbed. Those are the 3-4 song showers now.

I wished I lived on the east coast so I could bathe in the salty Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the natural exfoliation of nature. I miss sun showers and humid rainfall where I can job shirtless and experience the pitter-patter of rain kissing my skin my sun-soaked skin.

Globally, we're running out of useable water, so fewer showers mean less consumption and less money spent on shampoo. I use shampoo as a 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo. I stopped using soap bars a decade ago because they dry out and irritate my skin. I think the acids in the shampoo offer me some relief. Or maybe it's my shea butter body after treatment. But my next step is getting rid of my using shampoo bottles. I don't need the scent of the ocean or Fiji, I can just add a drop of essential oil to some lard. One day.

In N Out

Life should be great enough that I don't need the shower to escape. Just like a spa day is a once-in-a-while treat, so should those long showers. My baldness gives me a luxury for supporting my minimalism journey. No hair products, durags, or excessive need to keep my shapeup and hair neat. When I grow out my beard in the summer, I use shea butter and a DIY beard oil Erika made me using essential oils. Consumerism manifests in new ways to be primed and pretty, wasteful and excessive, and grab up resources.

I like the simple life. The less time I spend trying to be pretty, the more time I have being. Less is more.

Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece