Minimalism Working: Telegram Bot + Zapier Integration

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The future is AI. But before using AI to handle your day to day, you have to connect with people. Every two weeks, I speak to an artist or creative friend to spark innovation and find mutual inspiration. As a marketer, I always know which trends are next, but it's been challenging to apply these trends to my personal work. It's easy to have ideas, but without the work, you're useless. ChatGPT has been helping me with some of my work. And as my marketing business grows, I've found a need for other bots and AI to allow me to focus on my creative process. My most recent AI setup is creating a Telegram bot to automatically post all of my content on my Galt's Conditioning Telegram channel. Here's how I created a Telegram and Zapier integration to automatically post all my published content in one place.

Why A Telegram Channel?

Content farming is oversaturated, but it works for gaining a following. I love organic growth because it brings in genuine connections. And the ciontent I'm farming is a mix of my podcasts, YouTube video and social posts, along with groundbreaking science and health news that inspires personal growth and preparing. Galt's Conditioning was always meant to be a network, and this year I'm getting closer to finally building it. The Telegram channel is my first step.

Telegram is a fast, secure and powerful messaging app that can sync across multiple devices and has no limits on media and chat size. Learn about its latest features, such as saved messages 2.0, one-time voice messages, colorful calls and more.

Insructions on creating a Telegram channel

Download Telegram for Android, iOS, Mac, PC/Linux, or through Web. I use Android.

Click the pencil on the bottom right and choose New Channel. Then name your channel, and add an image/icon.

Creating a Telegram Bot

Search for: botfather (make sure it's the verified one)

Once you're in a chat with botFather, type: /start

Next, type :/newbot

Then name your bot.

Once you name your bot, you'll receive an API Kkey which you'll need for the ZApier inetegration. Close out the botfather chat.

My AI Boo is Ready

Now, add your bot to your channel.

Tap the icon at the top of your channel, then choose Administrators.

Press Add Admin.

Search your bot's name.

And choose the admin rights that work for you. Right now, Julia is only sending messages and stories on my behalf.

Telegram is set. Now onto Zapier

Zapier Integration with Telegram Bot

Zapier has stepped it up. Initially you could only get 5 Zaps, now it's unlimited Zaps.

Zapier is a platform that lets you create automated workflows across your favorite apps without coding. Whether you need to capture leads, close deals, send emails, or more, Zapier can help you grow faster and work smarter.

In the past I've used these automations for:

  • Youtube to Facebook
  • Instagram to Tumblr
  • Facebook messenger to Gmail

Telegram is a new integration, and you'll need the Token that botfather gave you in your chat.

To create your first Zap, use + > Create > New Zap

Choose your first trigger account. Once you've logged in and set up the first test trigger, you'll choose Telegram as your Action.

You'll be asked to sign-in, and this screen is where you'll enter the token from botfather.

These are the next steps for finalizing the integration.

  • Event> Send Message
  • Account> Choose your bot
  • Account> Chat ID= your channel that your bot is an admin in.
  • Action> Choose the action you want to be published in your channel
  • Test the Zap to see what show. Take some time to tweak the Message Text Data until you get the final message look you want.
    • Do you want text, links, images? Just text? Create your style.

Zapier Integrations

I created 8 Zapier integrations in total, all that Julia will publish in Galt's Conditioning.

  • Pulse Podcast episodes on Spotify
  • Posts on
  • 6 for my Youtube playlists (I didn't use my entire channel because The Pulse Podcast also gets published to Youtube)


My initial issue was that Zapier wouldn't populate the Galt's Conditioning channel Julia was in. I spent an hour combing through clickbait YouTube videos, reading comments, and looking through reddit. I gave up and decided I'd publish my zaps to Julia and just forward it to the channel. Some extra work, but I'll do what I have to for now.

But then, when I was creating my last Zapier integration, the Galt's Conditioning channel was an option under Channel ID. I tested my workflow and I watched as Julia posted for me. That's my boo thang.

All Set with my Telegram Bot + Zapier Integration

You're done. As I create new bots, I'll 'create new posts. I don't want bots to do eveyrthing for me. I need to be hands on. That;'s what keeps artistry unique.

If you're interested in joining my channel and staying up to date on my health and minimalism journey, love science and health news, or enjoy a variety of health news: Here's the link. There's no dialogue, just content to motivate your life.

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Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece