Minimalism: Baldie

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody / Unsplash

Going bald is disheartening. I been had waves, tho. I miss my crisp shape-up. I miss my hairline, and I miss the powerful effect of putting on a durag with purpose. Wearing a durag when you're bald is cap. I'm bald. That's the height of minimalism, thoโ€”๐Ÿ˜‚.

I finally accepted my baldness in 2019. I'm horseshoe pattern bald, but my dark skin and remnants of hair up-top give the illusion of a buzz cut. I'm still a sexy boy. It just took me time to accept that.

This Is Too Much

I hate the maintenance of being bald. I face myself in the mirror daily, and in 24 hours, my Virgo perfectionism sees the imbalance of hairs where no one else does (I see it on Chapelle when he's on stage). I see far. If I just lost it all and was back to being a baldheaded baby, I'd be fine. But the perfectionism mixed with my "fuck doing this" mindset (The Virgo's true struggle) lets the hair grow unevenly longer than I ever want. But I'm scared of frequently cutting my hair because I used to have razor bumps on the back of my head.

Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece