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Coaching comes natural to some. I've been a coach since I was breakig up fights with my childhood friends in Brooklyn, NY. My approach then and now is the same: I ask the questions  you never consider to ask.

I have the memory of an elephant, and your answers throughout our professional relationship allow me to weave connections that you never knew existed. I'm a tool to be utilized and your medium for self-actualization. That's my life and health coaching philosoophy.

Whether for life, career, or health, my only responsibility is to provide you with tools and hold you accountable in using them to move past life's limitations.

I've been coaching for over a deacde. And while I coach you, I also continually educate myself on best practices and social climate to stay up-to-date with my clients needs. My dedication is that while I'm advocating for your growth, I'm advocating for my own, so I can continually have tools to support you.

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How I Support

My only role is to compliment you. Here are some areas I can offer support:

Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I offer a safe space to commune, share ideas, fears, and challenges, and remove the guilt and shame that accompany life's biggest setbacks.

I'm here to support the best way I can, and make sure you support yourself the best way possible.

Shari H.

During a dark period of my life having Clifford, as my coach has been able to feed the void I was feeling allowing me to understand the objective side in my confused emotional state of mind. You have kindly offered your time, guidance, and experienced wisdom to discern my deep wonderments and concerns, for what I needed empowerment on. For that, I am grateful.

Health and Wellness Coach

Since the 7th grade, fitness has been part of my lifestyle. With over 20+ years of curated fitness knowledge, bridging the gap between what you look like today and what you want to look like tomorrow, is my only goal.

As a former NASM CPT, I learned the technicals to propel my coaching, but I saw the limits that traditional training offered.

My health coaching is only for improving quality of life.

What are you looing to improve and why?

Once you learn the fundamentals, you have two years to become a physical expert on yourself. I don't keep clients for more than two years. Can you commit two years to yourself?

Everyone has a specific need and through communication, goal setting, and accountability I guide you to the change and success you're looking for.

Fitness is only as challenging as you will. With over 15 years of experience, I provide the support, training, and preparation you'll need to guarantee results. You'll feel challenged, exhausted, drained but never defeated.

Common fitness routines I specialize in are:

-Strength Training
-Endurance Building
-Walk/Run Training
-Muscle Building
-Fat Burning
-Bodyweight Exercises
-Muscle Group Isolation

I incorporate education into all sessions, so you know what's working and why it's working. My end goal is to provide you with all the tools you need so that at some point you'll never need a trainer again.

Wendy M

I trained with Cliff in a gym setting. Cliff gave excellent direction, and educated me on proper form where I felt comfortable doing these moves on my own. The in person training was not long but was tough and had me sweating a lot . I was incredible sore the following day, which is rare since I usually feel the soreness 2 days later. I follow his at home HIIT exercises. They are great, easy to follow and get you sweating quickly

Andrew S

Very thorough, patient, and knowledgeable. He provided me variations of the moves we were doing so I would not feel defeated since I was at a novice level. Very easy going but motivating, I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Christian A

Excellent trainer. Has the knowledge and understanding to help anyone reach their goals. His method of training allowed me to gain strength while working in a state of hypertrophy. Was able to lose weight quickly and kept me highly motivated to continue my cardio and ab work. Great motivator. His knowledge of exercise technique and flexibility work made for a safe workout and quicker recovery.

Career Coaching

I'm a day-one profressional since my first job as a cashier. Today I work as a business consultant, interim executive director, have two marketing businesses, and my own small business.

You're not meant to be stuck at a desk, sitting for prolonged hours, and only free two weeks ayear to enjoy life.

As a career coach, I support your profressional liberation. 

Dating and Relationships

Dating, like building all relationships is easy; honor yourself. Sounds simple, but it isn't.

Sometimes relationships fail because we aren't successful in other areas of our life. Dating is difficult when you have too high expectations, attatchment disorders, or lack the confidence to be yourself.

What are you looking for? Why are you searching? And what can fill the voids you hope dating should? These three questions are the foundation for supporting and developing healthy relationships.

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