Eiram: How will you vote?

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State by state, legalized medicinal marijuana usage is gaining strength. Naturally, Florida is down the line, and like every state, the opposing sides are slightly missing the key points. However, with something this sensitive to so many people, it’s important to target fear to sell the negativity of an amendment and target relief to bring understanding to the benefit of the same amendment. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

I heard this commercial the other night for depression medication. I forget which one since so many allegedly do the same thing. One of the side effects, which they casually sneaked into the other 50 or so, was contemplating suicide. I threw my hands up in the air in disbelief. Now, if a physician prescribes an anti-depressant that makes a depressed person commit suicide, the physician has no legal responsibility since the side effects are known.

Doesn't Seem Right

Seeing the campaign for the Drug-Free Florida Committee, which is against this amendment, is a bit confusing since their ad campaign rests on “caregiver responsibility.” They fear providers cannot be prosecuted for any detrimental side effects medicinal marijuana imposes on you. I go back to the anti-depressant medication, and I feel like a Doctor is giving you a gun to play Russian Roulette and hoping you always hit that blank, but if you hit the 1/6 chamber well, “I told you there was one bullet in there. Not my fault.” Doesn’t seem right.

The supporters, People United for Medical Marijuana, focus on the doctor-patient relationship. Most importantly, they want to get politicians and government out of the conversation; essentially, no big government. The bigger the government, the more control they have over your daily life, whether you’re sick or healthy. Why should the government decide you can’t use a specific medication if it can help treat a disease you’re suffering from? Doesn’t seem right.

Regardless of your personal views on marijuana there have been an increase of studies detailing the benefits of supervised marijuana usage in treating ailments.

Florida has the largest percentage of people who are at least 65, at 17.3 percent. Think about glaucoma, Alzheimer’s and arthritis, all common ailments the senior community faces naturally. If there is something that can relieve their pain or slow down their brain’s deterioration, I have to admit, I’m all for it.

How Will You Vote?
State by state, legalized medicinal marijuana usage is gaining strength. Naturally Florida is down the line and like every state the opposing sides are slightly missing the key points. However, wit...

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Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece