Black Excellence Daily App

The Black Excellence Daily app is your connection to the past, present, and future of the Black Experience.

Each calendar day features a hand-picked Black pioneer from the global diaspora who was either born or passed away that day.

Start with 366 global Black pioneers, and discover the firsts in their fields, the successes from adversity, and the stories that came from oppression and limiting life circumstances. Whether African-American, Haitian, Nigerian, or any other country that enriches Blackness, redefine your life with diverse new perspectives that challenge you to honor yourself in all moments and spaces.

No other app combines diverse Black history, daily motivational quotes, personal perspectives, and journaling to redefine your life experience. And where much of Black history focuses on the plights and struggles, the Black Excellence Daily app only features positive content to support your personal development.

Why You'll Love This App:

Black History: The app features 366 figures from global Black history: the firsts in their field, scientists, artists, photographers, the success stories that came from oppression, and the ability to redefine the Black experience for future generations.

Daily Inspiration: The app features 366 inspirational, creative, and motivational quotes to remind you life has no limits.

Under each figure's quote is a personally written objective perspective to connect the quote to the struggles and limits you may be feeling today. Most importantly, each day reminds you that you're responsible for your life journey.

Brief Bio: Each calendar day features a brief bio on the successes of the mentioned figure.

Two Daily Journal Prompts: Thoughts to Start The Day and Thoughts to End The Day.

Set the morning timer, and before you check your email or social media, check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What are you excited about for today?

Before the day ends, set the evening timer to close out your day with yourself again. How was your day? Did you honor yourself? What will you do differently tomorrow?

Search Feature: Use the search feature to find past journal entries, figures from specific countries (we use emojis), or a specific motivational keyword to give you a pep-talk.

Black History Moments: A growing list of triumphant moments in global Black history. All Black history facts are written in the present to remind you that today is no different than yesterday. What will you do to create history?

Daily News-The Black Experience Matters: Enjoy the latest enriching hand-picked news on Black Business, Technology, Design, Architecture, Wellness, Food, Art, Science, Literature, and Agriculture. Always remember people are working every day to bridge the gap.

Pass Code Protected: Create a 4-digit passcode to keep your journal entries private.

Export Data: Your data is always yours to keep, so use the export feature anytime to pull all your journal entries.

For Everyone: This app is perfect for any age. Young children and teens can enjoy a rich and diverse history. Young adults and creatives can enjoy the daily motivation to honor themselves and feed into passions that promote love, community, and healing.