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At any point, at any place on South Beach, you can stand, do a 360-degree turn and see a condo. In New York, where condos are havens for the prestigious, South Beach condos represent something else. They are part of the culture, the identity and the appeal of Miami. While New York condos represent more ways to overpopulate a decaying city with views of other people’s apartments or maybe a nice alleyway, a condo in South Beach offers a luxury of options in view depending on where you are; but there is always a view. Downtown Miami, the Atlantic Ocean, Aventura, the lights; always the neon lights. Pink and blue. Babygirl, babyboy. Everyone is young here.

South Beach is what an island should be. An escape with just enough nearby to keep you entertained if hermit life loses its appeal.There's no feeling of class division. Ferrari, Vespa, rented bicycle, S bus, none of these things matter. South Beach and its inhabitants are not too good for South Beach and its inhabitants. The beach is for everyone. The pools are for everyone. The parks are for everyone. Lincoln road is for everyone. Ocean Drive is for everyone. Just define who you are and never look back. A rented room becomes a one-bedroom apartment becomes a condo becomes a home. A bicycle become a scooter becomes a Corolla becomes a Mustang becomes a Porsche.

Clouds are a luxury. Sometimes you forget what shapes and colors clouds come in. The sky seems empty. The massive blue ocean reflects itself into a vast blue sky. The sun drags across slowly and lonely. Clouds are a luxury. Clouds and a breeze create a false utopia, an orgasm of tranquility from the scent of the ocean, a cooling sensation that traps itself on beads of sweat and lasts a few seconds too long after the breeze ends, leaving you with slight nostalgia of what it feels like to know relief. Always prepare for the worst of heat. A tank top under a t-shirt becomes a death chamber. Pull the the shirt off and now you’re burdened with unnecessary baggage. It matters.

I’ve never seen women past high school play basketball in New York. The men control the courts. New Yorkers are selfish like that. Fitness is second nature in South Beach. No one judges. No one gawks. Everyone shares. Elderly couples powerwalk on the beach. Big belly Cuban men walk the streets with grey chest hair and gold chains. Women wear bathing suits to clubs. Breasts are everywhere. Booty is plentiful. This is Treasure Island.

Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece