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is what I want people to say about fitness, health, and personal/professional development. Whether it's for weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain, peace of mind, clarity, social reasons, or fighting genes, being responsible for your health matters. Whether you're looking to start your own business, prepare yourself for your first job, find success in your current job, or just need a mental boost to get through the work day, personal/professional development matters.

Galt's Conditioning® was created to share the ideas, stories, and dedication of people who have embodied health and personal development into everyday sustenance. Just like you eat, breathe, drink, and sleep daily, working continuously to become a better version of yourself is part of every moment of life.

I've had a mixed relationship with fitness based on my moods and depression throughout the years. But regardless of my life phase, I was in the most important thing for me was doing enough to feel better physically and mentally. Realistically they go hand in hand. I've loved fitness and health since the 7th grade, and over the years I went back and forth with different forms of fitness until I could finally find the right version that works for my life.

Personal/Professional development is something that needs to be worked on daily also. Learning to create for yourself, making time for things that matter, and setting the tone to control your life brings freedom from roles and situations you may not want to deal with. How do you stay well-mannered in tense work situations? How do you work on fulfilling your personal desires day-to-day? How do you maintain healthy relationships and remove yourself from toxic ones? The more you develop patience and an ability to think consciously and clearly, the more success you'll find everywhere you go.

I've been on the internet since 1998. I've seen it grow and change over the years. Although change is good, some of the standards for modern-day websites take away from what made me fall in love with the internet. My number one goal is to make useful information accessible to people who need it. I promise to never place ads or popups on this site, send unsolicited emails, or hinder your ability to read the information you want without feeling harassed — minimal clicks, maximum content exposure.

From calisthenics, yoga, meditation, recipes, fitness philosophy, life philosophy, and career development, I want to provide you with all the answers to succeed in your journey. For me, conditioning involves adopting and upholding a practice or belief. You are here to condition your mind and body in order to produce the greatest version of yourself.

I have surrounded myself with individuals who love all different avenues of fitness and development and who have joined the lifestyle for different reasons. I want to share their stories, but most importantly I want to create yours.

Always Self: Always Community.