10 Major Causes of Death in Humans (And How to Conquer Them)

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The most unexpected things can be inspirational. And embracing that inspiration can come from anything and everything, opens up more opportunities to enjoy this life experience.

When I was young, I watched Japanese Animation (Anime) for fighting scenes; American cartoons didn't have the intensity or exciting character development. In most American cartoons, each episode is a stand-alone with a brief mention of something in past episodes, if ever. All of life's problems seem to be resolved in 30 minutes, which has always limited my appreciation for American television.

Anime tells a long story. Some series last 26 episodes, and others extend into over 100 episodes—seamlessly flowing and tied into episode one. As I got older, I started learning from anime. There were complex characters and storylines and a powerful theme that resonated throughout the entire series. Characters experienced love, relationships, pain, drive, inspiration, and everyday struggles that we all deal with in life. There's a deeper human connection.

While watching Bleach, a group of ten villains were introduced, each unique and each representing ten aspects of human death. I watched as the characters interacted and shared their backstory. It all made sense.

Each cause of death either destroys you mentally or physically, and ultimately spiritually. But they can all be conquered by adjusting your perspective on life and yourself.

10 Major Causes of Death in Humans (And How to Conquer Them)

1. Isolation

As an introvert, isolation is something I claim to crave. Realistically, I prefer being around specific personality types. Although people find peace and oneness in isolation, humans need to commune with others.

Conquering It: Find the right people who fit into your life. Everyone isn't meant for you. Be more social and intentional when you spend time with people. Being around different personality will make it easier to find the people you want to include within your community.

2. Old Age (Time)

Our experience on this plane of existence is limited. Every second is precious, and every moment is unlike any other moment that has happened or will happen.

Conquering Death: Live life how you want. Time is only wasted when you live with regret and focus on should've, would've, and could've. What are you going to do now?

3. Sacrifice

There's nothing wrong with sacrifice because life and social contracts demand you give in and compromise at times. Sacrifice is dangerous when you constantly give up your desires for other people.

Conquering Death: Sacrifice with a pure heart and intention. Sacrifices should never come with regret, be used as a weapon against someone, or become a U.O.Me. Looking for reciprocity through sacrifice leads to bitterness and resentment.

4. Nihilism

Last week someone asked me if I was a nihilist. I laughed but also panicked because I had to consider it. There are moments when the older version of myself steps forward and finds comfort in a state of emptiness. But my new self always finds a way to push through.

Conquering Death: Find something, anything to believe in, and hold onto. Let that be your motivation for living with an appreciation for all that you have and experience. My life purpose is to be a resource between ideas and implementation and advancing how the Black Experience exists. I've created multiple streams for fulfilling my purpose.

5. Despair

Despair leads to complacency. Lacking hope leads to indifference for tomorrow. Without hope/faith, what reason is there to go on?

Conquering Death: Similar to nihilism, having something to look forward to is essential. Lacking hope comes from fear at times; fear of failure and the unknown. If you choose actions over "hoping," you take control of your life and create your path. Owning your choices, whether they work or fail, helps you avoid sinking into despair. "I tried. It didn't work. What can I do differently next time?"

6. Destruction

We build and destroy because it's part of Universal balance. But if you're only destroying, what are you leaving for yourself and others to enjoy? Once you destroy all that you have, you look to destroy what others possess. Destruction leaves things in ruins. Reconstruction can take years to build.

Conquering Death: Start creating for yourself and others. Instead of destroying, replace or remove what isn't needed from your life. Shifting and refocusing allows you to reassign value to people and experiences.

"Hack away at the unessential."


7. Intoxication

Intoxication varies, with drugs and alcohol being the most stigmatized. Look at the people around you and their addictions: social media, celebrity gossip, reality television, and attention. Intoxication is a form of obsession.

Conquering Death: If you're not creating, you're consuming. This ties back into destruction. Are you intoxicated from what other people are producing; working for a company, watching other people live their dreasd, while none of yours come true? What are you doing for yourself!? Be intoxicated with you.

8. Madness

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."


Conquering It: Stop doing the same shit over and over again, expecting different results.

9. Greed

Greed is noted as one of the seven deadly sins. Greed is a form of obsession—a desire to continuously have more than needed.

Always wanting takes away from enjoying what you already have. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. But the drive behind greed is unhealthy because you lose the ability to enjoy the present because you're always searching for what's next. Sometimes you just have to be glad with what you have.

Conquering Death: Only take in what's needed. Wanting more money is not greedy. But the path you take to get that money might be unhealthy.

10. Rage

Rage is more than anger. Rage is a burning uncontrolled desire to act without thought or care. It is a blind action that can harm and destroy anything in its path.

Conquering Death: Rage tends to build up. People tend to suppress emotions, thoughts, and ideas that are bothering them. Then one day, you just snap.

Express your feelings and find people to vent to constructively. Most importantly, find people who can support the way you need them to.

Free Yourself

Actions don't automatically lead to death. But allowing these aspects of separation, arrogance, laziness, and hopelessness to consume you, limits your life experience and leads you nowhere.

Free yourself. You can't avoid death, but you can avoid habits that cause an early death.

Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece