Embracing A Funky Day

funky day.jpg

I woke up in a bad mood today. Maybe it's because I overslept these past two days by a few minutes and was late for work? Or maybe because I ate a whole bag of potato chips? Whatever the reason, I decided to embrace it. I think in most cases when we wake up feeling different from our usual selves, we tend to worry.

Why is this happening? What did I do? How can I fix it? I don't do that anymore.

These past months I've realized funks don't last long. If I can wake up two weeks straight feeling amazing and wake up one day feeling lethargic and mentally drained, I'm fine with that.

I went to work and wasn't in a chatty mood for the first 4-5 hours. Just basic communication to get my work done. As the day progressed, I slowly came out of my shell. I shared a few good laughs with coworkers and I headed home when I was done still in a funk. I went on Twitter and dished out some non-positive tweets. I just had to release some energy. Being free to spew my garbage thoughts on Twitter is calming at times but also detrimental. I decided I didn't want to be negative anymore and stopped. I finished up some work assignments, slept, and didn't even bother to make dinner because I was in a poor state of mind. 

I woke up and headed to the beach the following morning. It's been a long time since I meditated and did yoga. After reading some more of Super Brain and having it reinforced in my brain how beneficial meditation can be, I figured it was only right. I started with my sun salutation. It always feels good to thank the sun for the energy it provides.

As I went through my series of movements, some yoga, some calisthenics, it started to rain. Light drizzle, then a downpour. My breathing changed, my heart raced and I kept going. The rain made me feel alive again. I kept thinking to myself as it rained about that funk I was in and how irrelevant it had became. That rain brought new life to me and I carry that for as long as I will. Whether one week, or three. I know a funk will come again soon, but I also know that it will go away. Embrace it for what it is, go through your day and when it's meant to go away it will. That opens your heart to receive whatever The Universe has for you.