The Myth of Unconditional Love

The Myth of Unconditional Love

Yesterday, while discussing inequality on this plane and the supposed next plane of existence, birthplace, societal standings, and religious views on who is rewarded ascension into heaven (e.g, Mark 10:25, NIV: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.) a friend said, "You can't know someone's intentions or look into their heart."

The conversation rested around my general frustration that no one is at fault for their birthplace, education, or limitations in life experiences. To automatically forfeit "everlasting life" because one was born rich seemed unfair. Billions living in poverty don't have access to the knowledge of mainstream religions, and missing that opportunity to have their "souls saved" is unfair. The thousands of millionaires, billionaires, Queens, Kings, Princes, Royalty, etc who only are aware of a life luxury and who live in a bubble aren't at fault for their ignorance. Existence does not garner fault.

Earlier that morning, hours prior to the conversation, I sat on the edge of the bed and revisited the concept of unconditional love. I broke apart what love has evolved into for me—truth, absolutism, energy, continuity. Unconditional means everything is fair game—everything. That's possibly realistic on a grand scale—the Universe has laws that we define, but there are no limitations to what happens naturally. If a comet hits the Earth, that's just what happens. The Universe is absolute and exists through truth.

Unconditional love between people doesn't exist—it can't exist. Love has to have a condition. One simple condition—truth.  

Living In Reality

If unconditional love between people existed and was truly celebrated, we would live in a heightened state of oppression—physical, verbal, and mental abuse, murder, violence, theft, etc. Not always by force or ill intent, but just by human flaw. We are dangerously flawed beings. 

Lying and dishonesty are common traits in people. Regardless if some lie for self-gain and others lie with the intent to protect another, there is an basic frustration that comes with lying. Lying is a deviation of love. Love cannot exist simultaneously with dishonesty.

I hate a liar more than I hate thief. A thief is only after my salary, a liar is after my reality
— 50 Cent

But there are people who just don't care about being lied to. More power to them.

Many religions discuss god(s) who love unconditionally, but even their god(s) love has a condition. 

"You can't know someone's intentions or look into their heart."

The belief is that god does know your true heart. And that's what gives god the capacity to love you no matter what. god sees the truth in you and as long as your truth is always there, god will love you. And in the counter, you love god unconditionally because you believe you know god's heart. Again because you know god's truth.

The unconditional love we've defined doesn't exist in any form. And there's nothing wrong with that. We all define the conditions we need to love and be loved. And it is important for us to adhere to those principles. Some people enjoy being lied to and that is their truth, if they truly mean it.

Don't love anyone unconditionally and don't try to. If you're looking for the simplest condition, let truth be your base and foundation for love. Once you have the truth, regardless if it hurts, weighs you down, or destroys you, there is a decision to be made regarding that love. And once you make that decision, you are in control of owning your life and decisions. Always opt to own your reality.

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