Galt's Conditioning was created to share the ideas, stories, and dedication of people who have embodied personal development into everyday sustenance. Just like we eat, breathe, drink, and sleep daily, being better versions of ourselves is part of every moment of life. Whenever I speak of fitness, it always means mentally, physically, and spiritually — one does not exist without the other. From calisthenics, yoga, meditation, recipes, fitness philosophy, life philosophy, and career development, I want to provide you with all the answers to succeed in your journey.

I've been on the internet since 1998. I've seen it grow and change over the years. Although change is good, some of the standards for modern day websites take away from what made me fall in love with the internet. My number one goal is to make useful information accessible to people who need it. I promise to never place ads or popups on this site, send unsolicitied emails, or hinder your ability to read the information you want without feeling harassed — minimal clicks, maximum content exposure.

For me, conditioning involves adopting and upholding a practice or belief. We are here to condition our minds and our bodies to produce the greatest versions of ourselves. We learn, we adapt, we hit a plateau and we aim for another. We teach, we share, we support and we love — that is Galt's Conditioning.