Redefining Love in Buenos Aires


Traveler: Clifford Genece. 26 at the time. Retail General Manager in NYC.

Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why: I had a longtime friend who lived there. She told me I should come and visit while I decided what I wanted to with my life.

Reason for Trip: I needed to redefine my life. I resigned from my position and needed to escape anywhere. I originally scheduled my trip for two months, but also with hopes of making a new life and never returning to the United States.

Favorite Memory: Having dinner at the mall and answering everyone's questions about American culture and views. Who better than me?

Funny Food Story: I saw a flyer for "American Fried Chicken." I got excited and we walked to the store to order. Just from watching them cook it, I knew it was going to be bad. We got back to my friend's place, the chicken had no salt and was red inside. I was sad. I peeled all the meat off and threw it in a pot to cook it through.

Least Favorite Memory: Having to set my tablet at a specific spot and at a specific angle to get WIFI in my hostel room.

Funniest Culture Shock: People smoke cigarettes in parks. The first day I went to a park there were kids running around and adults were blowing smoke in their faces. I caved because I was addicted to cigarettes at the time and did it too. I felt like a jerk.

How Did You Redefine Love?: I understood what family mean. I don't know anyone whose biological parents are still together and I don't think I ever have. My friends parents have been together for at least 30+ years. All her siblings lived close to home at the time and being around them offered me a  genuine love of family and what it meant to be family. The things you tolerate, the things you love, and the moments you share, big or small are all important. I was very impatient with my family prior to this trip and easily frustrated. Coming home lit the fuse into making me more calm, accepting, free, and happier in my life.

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