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Clifford discusses the importance of connecting with the right people and using the skills you've learned to privatize yourself and break free from mundane work.
In this episode, Clifford discusses the social related causes of death in our everyday lives and how to conquer them.
In this episode, Clifford discusses his newly self-published book "Never Hide: Working Retail, Working Your Brand: An Introvert's Guide". He unravels what it really means to be an introvert and why retail work can be a great experience to find your voice, space, and identity.
Clifford follows up from the previous episode about the three levels of self-awareness. Once you become aware of what you want, how do you set out to accomplish your goals and focus on what's important in life?
Clifford discusses the three levels of self awareness and how knowing them can help you develop your identity.
Clifford discusses Thanatophobia; what it is, how his started, and how he copes with it.
Using Harry Potter, Clifford discusses why luck doesn't exist.
Clifford discusses growing up with depression, combating it, and transferring depression from focusing on himself into something much larger.
Clifford discusses taking ownership of your life through finding options and saying no.
Clifford discusses the importance of the Ego, self-identity, and the dangers of being a victim of capitalism.
Clifford introduces the podcast and its purpose.