Episode 7 Three Levels of Self Awareness

Clifford discusses the three levels of self awareness and how knowing them can help you develop your identity.


Episode 6 Thanatophobia

Clifford discusses Thanatophobia; what it is, how his started, and how he copes with it.


Episode 5 Felix Felicis

Using Harry Potter, Clifford discusses why luck doesn't exist.


Episode 4 Black Depression

Clifford discusses growing up with depression, combating it, and transferring depression from focusing on himself into something much larger.


Episode 3 You Do What You Can

Clifford discusses taking ownership of your life through finding options and saying no.


Episode 2 Ego

Clifford discusses the importance of the Ego, self-identity, and the dangers of being a victim of capitalism.


Episode 1 Intro

Clifford introduces the podcast and its purpose.