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Episode 17: I Hold Grudges Like Bad Judges In this episode, I discuss why you need to hold grudges in order to avoid being victimized by people. I break down the difference between healthy grudges versus grudges which are really a form of obsession and the importance of forgiving yourself before you even consider forgiving someone else.
Episode 16: No One Wants Your Help In this episode, I discuss why you should stop imposing your views and beliefs on people even if want the best for them. And even if they ask for your support, you should be mindful of how you respond. I also discuss why people who actively try to impose their beliefs on others are part of the tribalistic/group think/hive mentality, and why those ideologies are detrimental to the individual.
Episode 15: Ditching Job Loyalty In this episode, I discuss: why you should never stay loyal to a company that isn't part of your end goal; why finding a new job every 2-3 years is essential for growth until you find your passion; why you should always be on the lookout for how the job market is changing; and why being loyal to yourself, doesn't necessarily mean you're being disloyal to others.
Episode 14: Drink Responsibly (Alcoholism and Thoughts on Suicide) In this episode, I answer an email request and discuss my drinking past. I explain why I've avoided making this episode but ended up following an energy-based sequence of events. I also discuss suicidal thoughts, understanding why people want to check out, and why we shouldn't smear the names of those who decide to.
Episode 13: Don't Accept Yourself The Way You Are In this episode, I discuss why you shouldn't accept yourself the way you are and why quotes like these offer no real substance when it comes to loving yourself and progressing through life.
Episode 12: Break Bread to Make Bread In this episode, I follow up from Leveraging Yourself to connecting with like-minded people who have talents you don't, in order to work together for mutually beneficial results (i.e., making money together). I also provide options on where to turn if the people in you know aren't creative or forward thinkers.
Episode 11: Leveraging Yourself Clifford discusses the importance of connecting with the right people and using the skills you've learned to privatize yourself and break free from mundane work.
Episode 10: 10 Major Causes of Death in Humans (And How to Conquer Them) In this episode, Clifford discusses the social related causes of death in our everyday lives and how to conquer them.
Episode 9: Introvert At Work In this episode, Clifford discusses his newly self-published book "Never Hide: Working Retail, Working Your Brand: An Introvert's Guide". He unravels what it really means to be an introvert and why retail work can be a great experience to find your voice, space, and identity.
Episode 8: What's Your Next Level Clifford follows up from the previous episode about the three levels of self-awareness. Once you become aware of what you want, how do you set out to accomplish your goals and focus on what's important in life?
Clifford discusses the three levels of self awareness and how knowing them can help you develop your identity.
Episode 7: Three Levels of Self-Awareness Clifford discusses Thanatophobia; what it is, how his started, and how he copes with it.
Episode 5: Felix Felicis Using Harry Potter, Clifford discusses why luck doesn't exist.
Episode 4: Black Depression Clifford discusses growing up with depression, combating it, and transferring depression from focusing on himself into something much larger.
Episode 3: You Do What You Can Clifford discusses taking ownership of your life through finding options and saying no.
Episode 2: Ego Clifford discusses the importance of the Ego, self-identity, and the dangers of being a victim of capitalism.
Episode 1: Intro Clifford introduces the podcast and its purpose.
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