Strike Back: Retaking Control of Your Life


There’s an acronym which states that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. That’s a joke. Fear can be wholly real. However fear itself is not the culprit, it’s the situation(s) which lead to creating that fear which becomes real and take controls of your reality. It's time to take ownership back of your life. 

Domestic violence has been at that forefront of new headlines recently. The forms of domestic violence vary. All as unsolicited and unwarranted, no matter what you think, as the next. Look up Ray Rice, Jason Kidd, Sean Penn and Chris Brown. All stories don't make the news, however all stories matter. Every push, threat, strike, murder and forcible rape, regardless of relationship title. All of them matter. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports that in Miami-Dade country there were a total of 9, 953 domestic violence cases reported, the highest in Florida. In Broward, 6,226 reported. Reported. Granted Miami-Dade has the highest population in Florida, but who cares?  1 case is enough.  There were 369 reported forcible rapes in 2013 for Miami-Dade. Reported. How many go unreported? These numbers are too high and in a demand to help decrease these numbers, Jeremiah Model is combining his passion for mental and physical fitness, boxing, self-defense and education, into a way for women to find courage to take back control of their lives. 
Jeremiah Model is dedicating his life to teaching self-defense. A Miami local, birthed by a Bahamian, Haitian, Jewish mother and an Austrian, Jewish father, his parents raised him to value culture, but most importantly to value respect. Respect for yourself, your peers and your community. After spending 11 years studying martial arts and boxing Jeremiah hung up his gloves. Being a boxer is not an easy feat and the future risks of brain damage were not worth it for him.  He decided education was more important, and success can come in a different forms; through uplifting your community. 

Men are stronger biologically. We know, we know. But with training, technique and conditioning, strength means nothing. "[Self-Defense] is based on technique and not strength. If someone wants to put their hands on you, you can defend yourself, that’s what I want to teach women," says Jeremiah. With Strike Back, he hopes to spread his philosophy. "If I could explore an avenue for the broken, emotionally and physically damaged women, if I could only show them they're not that. If I could only reach them and teach them it’s not too late," he adds. It's never too late to learn how to protect your life. Self-defense is based on actively responding to a situation where someone attempts to make you a victim. No one has the right to make you feel weak, whether mentally or physically. Although his teaching are mostly physical, Jeremiah also believes that self-defense can condition you mentally.  
Jeremiah focuses all his work on one word, empowerment.  "I want to empower women and their voice. Sometimes they don't think they have a voice. Maybe they've been battered by a man or by their father who told them that they're losers or that they can't do anything on their own. Whatever anyone has told them, I want them to know they are valuable in my eyes and if you believe, in the eyes of the Creator." 

Jeremiah closes with an ancient proverb, "The enemy within is not stronger than the enemy outside." Find your voice. Find your strength. Invest in your health. Invest in yourself. 
Learn. And when you're well learned, the next time someone, most likely a man, attempts to put their hands on you, you chop him in the throat, gouge his eyes and kick his balls in. Then you flee the scene of the crime and get an alibi. Stay safe . 
You can contact Jeremiah on Facebook at Jeremiah Model

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