Never Hide: Working Retail, Building Your First Resume

Never Hide: Working Retail, Building Your First Resume


Whether you have little or no experience, you can build an easy and simple resume to land your first job. Download the PDF now!

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Are you having a hard time landing your first retail job? You’re not alone. Creating your first resume to succeed in getting a job can be a daunting process. Download the Never Hide: Working Retail, Building Your First Resume PDF now for a straight forward and easy resume writing guide. Keep it on your phone or tablet and conveniently read anywhere you want!

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Why You Need a First Resume

The retail sector holds some of the most readily available jobs for young people with no experience.

All over the nation, retail stores hire student employees regularly. And many have flexible scheduling options perfect to fit in with your busy day.

Why not invest a few hours into creating a simple, yet effective resume to help you land the job?

Using this Book as a Guide to Building Your First Resume Will:

  • Teach you basic formatting skills so your resume looks clean

  • Teach you what to include for past working experience if you have very little of it

  • Offer suggestions on who to choose for references so that you can be sure they will vouch for you

  • Teach you to sell yourself as a brand so your chances of being hired are increased

  • Provide information on child labor laws state by state so you know exactly what you need to start working

  • Give you a simple template to build your perfect cover letter

The truth is, most resume books focus on more experienced crowds who already have professional history under their belt.

This ignores a large population of young adults who may have never volunteered or had an internship.

Well ... something is better than nothing. And once you finish this book, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create your first simple resume that works!

The challenge of life, I have found, is to build a resume that doesn't simply tell a story about what you want to be, but it's a story about who you want to be. -Oprah Winfrey

So if you’re serious about your future, and want to get your first retail job scroll up now and go hit that “Add to Cart” button! Your future professional self will thank you.

Working Retail: Working Your Building Your First Resume is also available on Amazon and itunes.

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