Never Hide: Working Retail Bundle

Never Hide: Working Retail Bundle

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The perfect eBook bundle to land your first retail job and guide you into taking your future into your own hands. Download the PDF now!

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Think There’s No Value In Working Retail? Think Again!

Did you know that working retail can provide you with more than just extra money? Probably not. That’s because our society teaches young adults to overlook the important benefits of assisting customers and working in a diverse environment. Download the Never Hide: Working Retail Bundle PDF now for tips on how to define yourself in retail and your personal life and also learn to create your first resume. Keep it on your phone or tablet and conveniently read anywhere you want!

You may say, “I’m only working here to pay for school. And as soon as I can, I’m quitting this useless job!” But guess what? These “useless” retail jobs are actually more USEFUL than you realize.

It’s all about your perception.

This eBook bundle includes “Working Retail, Working Your Brand” and “Building Your First Resume” to change your perspective on the benefits of working retail.

Book 1: Does Working Retail Seem Like a Waste of Your Talent?

You’re not the only one who’s had these thoughts.

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Many people go into retail solely for the money, but the experiences gained can have a lasting impact on their professional and personal growth.

What All Retail Workers Need to Know

This book is not about getting through working in retail.

Instead, it offers tools no one will ever tell you about: learning to communicate with a diverse group of people, being honest about who you are, coming out of your shell, and balancing work your personal life..

Whether You Plan On Working In Retail For Three Months Or Until You Retire, You’ll Learn:

  • How to rethink your role as an employee so you get the most out of your experience

  • How to find comfort working with unique personalities

  • How to avoid conflict with employees and customers to maintain mental peace

  • How what you learn in retail will benefit you forever

  • How to embrace each work day as a new and rewarding experience

  • How to separate personal issues from work in order to remain focused

  • How to have good clean fun with coworkers and customers

When you finish this book, your perspective on who you are and what you bring to the table is guaranteed to change.

And once you change your perspective, you’ll open up to unforgettable experiences.

You walk into a retail store, whatever it is, and if there's a sense of entertainment and excitement and electricity, you wanna be there. -Howard Schultz

Book 2: Are You Having a Hard Time Landing Your First Retail Job?

You’re not alone. Creating your first resume to succeed in getting a job can be a daunting process.

This book will guide you so that writing your first resume is straightforward and easy.

Why You Need a First Resume

All over the nation, retail stores regularly hire young adults. Flexible schedules allow you to go to school and earn extra money.

Why not invest a few hours into creating a simple, yet effective resume to help you land a job?

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Using This Resume Building Book Will:

  • Teach you basic formatting skills so your resume looks clean

  • Teach you what to include for past working experience if you have very little of it

  • Offer suggestions on references who will vouch for you

  • Provide information on child labor laws state by state so you know exactly what you need to start working

  • Give you a simple template to build a perfect cover letter

The truth is, most resume books focus on more experienced crowds who already have professional history under their belt.

This ignores a large population of young adults who don't have any history.

Well ... something is better than nothing. And once you finish this book, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create a first resume that works!

So if you’re serious about your future, and want to learn more about the values of working in retail (p.s. everyone should) scroll up now and hit that purchase this eBook now!