The Three Levels Of Self-Awareness


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It’s about identity. As long as you can choose that, choose who you are in the world ... you can choose to call yourself sane.
— Bruce Wayne/Batman

Level 1: Who do you think you are?

Level 2: Who do you act like? 

Level 3: Who are you actually?

Sometimes these three don't add up. I used to think I was a virtuous person because I would tell people the truth with no restraints. Personally, I always enjoy when people tell me the truth, and I followed the golden rule. As time went on and people began to get upset or hurt by my words, I realized I had no filter and my way of conveying messages was hurtful. I had to readjust and reconsider.

It's difficult to find true harmony in yourself. Between the ego, social pressures, culture, and family, your identity gets pulled in different directions constantly. Who I am with close friends, is not who I am at work or with family. Although I need to adjust my language tone and body language to cater to my audience, I try to stay true to who I am as a person. I do this by being self-aware and never deviating from my standards of self-identity.

Me After I Finish Working

Me After I Finish Working

Answering The Questions

Level 1: What type of person do you think you are? I think I'm:

  • thoughtful in conversation

  • considerate and socially aware

  • short-tempered when things go against my standards

  • well-mannered to deal with any type of opposition until a limit is reached

  • supportive in all levels of relationships

Level 2: What do your actions and words say about you? My actions portray me as:

  • care-free about most things

  • disciplined in what I value and believe in

  • tired of the bullshit

  • disinterested in things most people care about

Level 3: Finally, who are you deep in your heart? At my core I'm:

  • passionate about Universal harmony

  • passionate about progress of underrepresented and exploited groups (Blacks especially)

  • community-oriented

  • fearful (of one particular thing)

  • a person who will give everything I can to people I love

There isn't one constant that appears in each category. Although, the way I think I am and who I know myself to be at heart may have some crossovers, my actions and the things I say show otherwise at times: I get tired of hearing the same old stories, I get bored listening to people gossip, and I lose my patience seeing people live in insanity (same repeated actions, expecting different results). But at my heart I care and want the best for people. So when I end up in a situation where I see something I don't like coming and I feel a bit of annoyance popping up, I remind myself about who I think I am and who I am at my core: a person who cares.

We're All Inconsistent

It may not be realistic to have all three coincide (even Jesus Christ flipped tables over), but having self-awareness of all three allows you to better define who you are and who you should be. The number three is constant in our Universe and life to represent power and beliefs (Holy Trinity, Three Branches of Government, death comes in threes, three laws of motion, triangle is the most powerful shape, etc). So the three questions:

  1. Who do you think you are?

  2. Who do you act like?

  3. Who are you actually?

give you a strong foundation to provide the proper checks and balances to better understand yourself and define who you truly want to be. The more self-aware you are, the better you become at making decisions for yourself. I still falter in my actions, but it manifests differently compared to when I thought I was virtuous (I'm mostly continent). But the awareness allows me to make amends quickly and continue to be the person I am at my core. That's what really matters.

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