ReJUventaing June (Practices)

june practices.jpg

In my first ReJUvenating June article I focused on foods and drinks that will be beneficial in bringing life to your skin. This article focus on different practices you can embody to help balance out what we put in versus what we put out.


I get it. I used to be an avid smoker. Nothing extreme as in a pack a day. Maybe 3 cigarettes a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I went out for drinks maybe 2-3 more. Smoking is a release for some, social for others, and an addiction for many. Summer is a perfect time to quit smoking, or at least committing to a decrease.. I understand the addictive factors of nicotine, but think about how hot it is outside, then think about how hot that cigarette makes you feel inside. It's a frustrating balance. If you're not willing to quit completely, cut it down to once at night when the weather is a bit cooler and you can enjoy it more. Make a little sacrifice and reap the long term benefits.


Sometimes you just need to stop everything and take a breath. Something as simple as breathing can be revamped to bring amazing results. Life gets stressful, coworkers get annoying, spouses don't reply to text messages, and we go into chaos mode. When we're in chaos mode, our thoughts are racing, our heart feels heavy—it's just pressure build up.

Get reconnected with your breaths. Oxygen flow keeps you alive. 


Take 5-10 minutes and find a relaxing place, get into a relaxing position, and refocus on breathing. Inhale through the nose and out through the mouth. Nice and strong. Stress is momentarily gone. When stress is gone, so are the negative long term effects of stress.


Proper sleep is the next important practice to help you stay rejuvenated throughout June.

The human body needs to shut down and recover from all of the excess factors of the day. Eight hours of sleep is always ideal, but Summer is the time for being outside and enjoying the nightlife later than usual. Don’t compromise a great Saturday night which turns into a late sleep-in on Sunday, which then turns into an even later sleep hour on Sunday night. Especially when Monday’s wake-up is the same as always. Go out and enjoy the Summer nights but instead of sleeping in late, wake up as usual and keep your day going nice and strong. The best result is sleeping earlier than usual and being able to wake up earlier on Monday to transition into a productive work week. If Monday starts off bad, the rest of the week tends to follow. Plan ahead.


Whether it’s done in the morning to start the day or the evening to decompress, yoga will keep you refreshed. Practiced at home or in a class, the benefits cannot be ignored. Strength, vitality, flexibility, and increased blood circulation throughout the body are all key in keeping anyone’s body and mind strong and energized throughout the day.


Embrace the sun in June. The health benefits of the sun are numerous and Summer is the time to reap them all. Life responsibilities can take away from opportunities to bask in the sun. Park a bit further from work and walk an extra five minutes to soak it in before you head in. Get some reading done in the park. Always look for opportunities to get a little bit of extra sunlight. One of the best ways to start the day is to open your blind or shades slightly at night, so once you wake up the sun is already sending its welcome.


The last simple practice everyone should incorporate for a ReJuvenating June is increased water intake.  Staying hydrated in the summer is key to feeling alive throughout those long hot days. A gallon of water a day is always a great standard to keep your body nourished. If plain water gets boring, add some lemons or ginger to your bottle to add a kick of flavor and extra health benefits. Water is considered a practice because consuming water should be something everyone focuses on everyday throughout the day, not just when feeling thirsty.

The small practices you incorporate into June, set the tone for July, August and the rest of the year. Good habits become part of your lifestyle, and your body and mind will reap the benefits.