ReJUvenating June(Foods)


Spring usually tends to be the time of the year for regrowth and revitalization for most people. I prefer to wait til June.

Depending on where you live, Spring's weather can be very fickle. Gloomy days on end with random bursts of sunshine to tease us into thinking we can take some layers off. I've learned not to fall for those tricks.

Summer is the real regrowth season to me. Yes the sun reemerges in the Spring, but the consistency is similar to fall and winter. The summer grants us no escape from the bearing down of the sun. We run from it and we hide, but we love it and we need it. Before moving from New York, from Fall through Spring my face was a bit blotchy. There was no sun to give me Vitamin D to help my skin glow. Moving to Miami has helped my skin tremendously. Granted I do no spend countless hours in the sun, but my 2 mile morning jogs, combined with my shoreline yoga and meditation, and lastly my 20 minute walk to or from work depending on my shift, provides my skin with the right amount of nourishment to help it look better consistently. That and it is summer year long in Miami.

Although the sun is one part there are a lot of other factors which help my skin. This is Part I of our ReJuvenating June article. Here the focus is on simple foods and drinks that will help bring some glow to your body, internally and externally.


This is the first step for me. In order to make proper usage of everything you plan to put in yourself, it's important to work on getting rid of anything that might be an inhibitor. A highly toxic body attracts waste and allows it to linger in the body longer than it should. Some of my favorites detoxing foods and drinks:


  • Great antioxidant benefits

  • Combats free radicals, which cause damage to cells

  • Breaks down fat in your lower belly.

    I always toss blueberries in my morning smoothie to start the day off.

Green Tea: 

  • Anti-oxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Help with wrinkles and aging of the skin.

    After my glass of water in the morning, Green Tea is usually my second go-to drink.


  • Cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens all contain a compound that helps the liver produce enzymes for detoxification.

  • Kale and spinach go great in smoothies but they also, with all other leafy greens are amazing in various salads.

    Lettuce, and spring mix offer no nutritional value of any kind. Avoid them.


  • Increases blood circulation to the skin.

  • Helps stimulate, soothe and purify skin

  • Freshen your breath

  • Detoxes your blood

    You can wash your face with an infusion of parsley, or you can add it in your favorite smoothie. Every morning I boil hot water and pour it in a mug that has a cup of Italian parsley. I let it sit for 6 minutes and use a strainer to pour the water in a second mug. All natural parsley tea.

Carrots, Grapefruit & Seaweed:

  • Bind to toxic metals

  • Help rid the body of topic materials during digestion.


  • Cleanse the blood

  • Helps detoxify the respiratory tract(think of all that crying).

    Any dish I place on the skillet usually starts with olive oil and handful of chopped of onions for flavor and detoxification.


  • High in vitamin E which is beneficial for glowing skin and hair.


  • Helps prevent cell degeneration

  • Helps keep the blood thin and prevents heart diseases.


  • Adds a natural glow to skin, hair, and nails

    Traditionally, Aloe was taken from the plant leaves themselves, but now you can purchase it in liquid form. A tablespoon in your favorite smoothie in the morning will have you glowing by mid-day.


Staying active in June requires energy. The sun can be refreshing but also draining. Think about how exhausted you feel after a day at the beach. These foods are great sources of energy to keep you energized during the hot summer days. 

Nuts: Almonds and cashew nuts are amazing for providing energy. A few handfuls throughout the day will help ward off those midday blues and keep you energized way into the night.

Whole Wheat Pasta & Brown Rice: Although viewed as an enemy of health for some, carbohydrates are great energy foods and should find their way onto your plate daily. Instead of white pasta or white rice, aim for whole wheat pasta and brown rice. It makes a huge difference in energy.

Ideally you want to purchase organic to get the most benefits from your fruits and vegetables. Sometimes the price points can be a bit high so if you can't buy all organic, mix and match.

Most importantly try to avoid canned and processed food.  They are high in sodium, and other ingredients your body will never need. The less people that are involved between your food and you, the better you'll feel.

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