juicing is for life: jugofresh and the truth on juicing

jugo fresh and juicing

Where many juice stores feels compressed and claustrophobic, walking through the doors at jugofresh in South Pointe feels as though you’ve stepped into a walk-up shop on the beach. All jugofresh locations have their own unique identity and the South Pointe location is no exception. With high ceilings and palm trees against a pink sky backdrop that lines the walls, you wonder about the last time you saw the sunrise in South Beach.

A waist high countertop on the right makes you feel connected as you peek over and watch your order prepped. A quick turn to the left and you’ll think you’re facing a mirror. Your eyes are actually looking into the food prep station; all eyes on ju.

The South Pointe location food preps for all five South Florida locations all delivered fresh and daily for you. Vegan sandwiches, salads, tapas, dips and spreads only scratch the surface of all the enticing options available. Add juices, acai bowls, smoothies, and energy shots and it’ll take you some time to thoroughly enjoy every item on the menu.

Everything jugofresh does, matters. Being able to watch your acai bowl get prepared, matters. Knowing you’re consuming clean foods, matters. jugofresh works with local farmers as much as possible to ensure two things: their ingredients are fresh and they are giving back to the community. That, matters too.

Being the first at anything puts a lot of pressure on you. As the first cold pressed juice store in Miami, jugofresh has set the bar. Founder, Matthew Sherman has created “A sophisticated and culinary driven menu”, says PR Director Megan Pope. Nothing is thrown on the menu just to sell. Thought, flavor, and continuity with the brand are represented into each name, each item, as well as the multi-level four juice cleanse programs jugofresh offers.

Asked if one could swap juices out during a cleanse, Bobby Kozak, Store Manager at South Pointe noted, “We do swap things out for people. If there’s a deep green and then a detoxer, we would try to stick to that routine. If we don’t have that spicy detoxer, we can maybe swap it out. We do try to stick to that.” Everything is setup for a reason.

Cold press juicing involves, well, pressing. Fruits and juices are pressed at a low temperature maintaining their raw status. “We’re used to eating a lot of processed food and heavy foods that are hard for us to digest. With juicing, you’re intaking a lot of nutrients and enzymes you wouldn’t get from eating an everyday diet,” says Kozak.

Considering the juices we purchase from the supermarket, we’d have to take away the chemicals, take away the sugar and take away the excess to make it somewhat healthy. Even then, your body is receiving five times as many nutrients and enzymes juicing from home could never provide.

Where many people see juicing as a diet trend, Kozak and Pope see the bigger picture. “Juicing is more of a lifestyle versus a type of diet. Drinking juices, eating vegan food, being mindful is more of a lifestyle,” says Pope.

“We drink juice all the time. I drink Florida Natural orange juice. This is juice,” Kozak adds. It’s just juice so why all the fuss?

The fuss is due to concerns about juicing and its excess in sugar content, its perceived loss in nutritional value for the body, the lack of nutritional labels, and the ingestion of unpasteurized ingredients.

“As far as being unpasteurized, the only issue we have with that is a warning label for women who are pregnant. We advise them to speak to their physician. As far as the amount of sugar intake, it’s up to you. We all react different. Juicing is not for everybody. Sugar from an apple or from a pineapple is better than domino sugar. And we have options. If we have a drink that has apple and you don’t want more sugar content that day, we have other options,” says Kozak.

Pope adds, “Not that many people are concerned with nutritional facts when you know exactly what is in what you’re consuming. There’s five ingredients in these green juices and that’s it.”

Asked if they could compare jugofresh to a Billboard 100 artist, both Pope and Kozak agreed on Pharrell. “He’s fresh, always relevant, connected to his roots and knows his past and his future. He’s always fun and he’s always upbeat.” This is the jugofresh environment defined.

Article originally published on Eiram.