It's Never Too Late: Starting On A Path To Fitness

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I called my mother last night to check on her. We caught up on life basics and she steered the conversation into smoothies. That steered the conversation into fitness, and we made a pact. 

My mother has had a Lucille Roberts membership for about 3 years now. Occasionally I'd ask her if she goes and she always replied, "Yea, I go sometimes." But I don't believe her. At most her sometime is once every 3 months. As she gets older her eating habits have changed. A lot more fluids, very little  meat, a lot of fish, and more juices.

When I came to visit two weeks ago for a funeral I told her about my Meatless May campaign. She laughed and asked if I was becoming a Vegetarian.


My mother and I are similar in that new, never before heard of news makes us laugh. Not in a disrespectful way, but in a totally caught off guard, surprised, and how interesting is that kind of way. But we respect it nonetheless.

We discussed smoothies and she told me about a smoothie a friend made for her. She explained how every morning she makes fresh juices before she heads to work but she wished she had some protein powder to give her some extra energy and balance.

Got it covered!

I told her about my switch to Raw Life Protein because of my sensitivity to diary products. Being older I assumed she would have the same issues with dairy for some reason, but quickly told me dairy has no negative effect on her.

I missed out on those genes.

I asked her which flavors she liked and told her I'd do some research and ship some protein over for her. She was ecstatic about the idea.

Next we discussed fitness. Since my Grandfather passed, she has had more free time to take care of her health and wanted to go to Lucille Roberts—for real this time though. I was glad she had it in mind, but I wanted to provide her with a better suggestion. Marine Park is a 5-minute drive from her house. Since summer is approaching I told her to make the drive early morning, walk a lap or two around the track and head home and recover with some protein smoothies. It's free to walk outside, you get better air circulation and the sun and all it's benefits are shining down on you. I suggested that once it starts getting colder and her body is used to the walking and excessive movements, then she can rejoin the gym—for real this time The treadmill would help keep her on track. She gladly agreed and we mad a deal that she would go twice a week.

After that we discussed her being thirsty. She said she always sees people walking around with water bottles and she was going to get one.

Nope. I'll get it for you.

Water bottle and protein. I'll cover the basics to get her started. Small investments on my end, but the gesture and knowing my mother, me taking the effort to purchase these items for her means she will definitely put them to use.

My mother is somewhere between 50 and 70. I won't reveal her age. But losing my Grandfather, makes me want to help out with anything and everything even more than before. If it will extend days, months and years on her life, I'll be grateful. 

Lastly I suggested I'll get a music player so she can enjoy some of her favorite French music while she worked out. An ipod is a bigger financial investment, that isn't available for me right now, but by the time I visit again I'll have it ready for her. 

Before my Grandfather's health declined, if you took a peak out the window, you would see him in the backyard doing squats, leg raises, pushups, and other movements to keep his body loose and fit. He died at 99. He got sick around the age of 94. 

It's never too late to have anyone you love get into fitness. Although I am not with my mother psychically, the gifts I send her represent my love and commitment to her health. Make a commitment to the people you love, no matter what their age and get them started on a fitness routine. Keep the ones you love alive for as long as you can.