Fitness Is About You

fitness about you.jpg

During your fitness journey, you'll come across people and quotes that focus on comparing yourself to other people and their success or lack of it.

Make them jealous.

Make them regret the day they called you fat.

Show them all.

Why? The power in fitness comes from self and the goal of fitness is to be stronger, healthier, and better for yourself. Every squat, curl, push, lift, pull, and run you do works your muscles, your organs and your spirit. So why think about other people? Are you working hard to change their opinion of you? Are you going to pop up 6 months later and say "Hey look at me!" Then what? Do you stop once you show off your new body?

If you're a competitor your goal is to be better than the everyone else, but for the average fitness junkie it should be about self. Competition only works when both people are aware that it's going on. If it's one sided and the other person has no idea what's going on, you forfeit your life to them. They control you, your emotions, your habits, and your drive. No one should have that luxury over you.

Using other people as "motivation" works to an extent. But what happens when those people are no longer a factor in your life? Do you stay on track? Find someone else to prove wrong? Or do you jump back into the rhythm for yourself?  There's always going to be someone to prove wrong. But the one person you never need to prove anything to is yourself. Whether you're putting on weight gloves or lacing up running sneakers for the first time, focus on yourself, your desires, your body, and imagine what every step will do to make you a better person. 

You control your life and your actions. Every action an inaction is a result of choice. Keep it that way always.