The Best DIY Home Remedy For Acne

bathroom for diy home remedy for acne

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. When puberty hit, I became very aware how important looks are. Puberty started the true desire to actively date, and looking at my face at times made me feel undateable. Everyone’s usually going through puberty around the same age, so it’s easier to date when you share the common bond of acne, blemishes, and breakouts. Over the years, acne came and went as I left my teenage years but it never truly went away. It wasn’t until I hit my mid 20’s that I found a solution to keep breakouts away. And once I discovered the best DIY home remedy for acne, breakouts only happen when I go back into old cravings and habits.

I’m Too Old For This

Pimples and breakouts are frustrating to deal with as a teenager, and they are mostly unavoidable. Your body is pushing out new hormones and evolving in so many ways that it naturally reacts; but that reaction leads to unwanted side effects like acne. People try a variety of products, whether commercial or prescribed, to get rid of acne but you can’t suppress what’s naturally happening in your body.

Once you get older, acne tends to be less active, but some adults still suffer from breakouts, unclear skin, are remnants of scarring.

When you’re young you don’t think about how the food you eat can play an impact and a lot of older people don’t realize this also. A lot of skin related problems as an adult can be avoided through conscious eating and regular exfoliation, depending on your skin type. I’ve learned that milk chocolate and sugar based beverages (soda, juice, sports drinks) are what causes pimples to pop up, so I avoid them. And over the years the desire to indulge in them has disappeared. I’m too old for acne and pimples and as an adult I should be eating smarter to compliment my body and health goals.

I’ve been using this home remedy for acne for over six years. I have this DIY home remedy always ready at home and I keep a small 2 oz bottle with me for travel. Nothing is going to stop me from looking and feeling great.

Don’t Wash Your Face In The Morning

Aside from the food I used to eat, one of the biggest factors to my acne was soap. I tried using shea, cocoa, black, and dove soap and my skin reacted to all of them. A lot of people I’ve spoken to who have had reactions to soaps have switched to one of those four soaps and found success. Not me.

I thought I needed to wash my face in the morning before I went out, but I was wrong. Think about it, you’re sleeping and only taking in the air in your home. Now unless you know you have mold or poor air circulation, there’s no reason to wash your face to start the day. The soap just removes the natural oil your body makes and starts your day with a dry face. Although you may add a moisturizer, truth is, moist moisturizers contain chemicals and ingredients that cause harm to your skin.

Now I only wash my face when I shower for the day — usually at night or after the gym. And even when I wash my face I use a DIY coffee face scrub. Through research and some trials, I realized that coffee scrubs were another simple DIY home remedy for acne that worked for me. There’s no unnecessary residue that gets trapped and clogs my pores, and most importantly, there’s no faux oil and moisture being added.

The point is, don’t wash your face unnecessarily, and avoid using products that are full of chemicals that do more harm to your face than good.

Key Ingredients To Reduce Acne

Acne is caused by the buildup of sebum, a light yellow, oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands which help keep both skin and hair moisturized. But when you see redness, that means that bacteria are building up and blocking your pore. The goals is to minimize bacterial growth.

This DIY for acne has three ingredients, two which are essential for limiting bacterial growth: filtered water, lemon juice, and rose water. The water acts as a carrier to help spread the mixture more evenly and avoid burning your eyes from the acidity of the lemon.

Lemons have been used for thousands of years as an astringent and for a host of skin care benefits. When it comes to skin, lemon juice is great for:

  • preventing oily skin

  • removing blackheads

  • lightening dark spots and blemishes

  • removing bacteria build-up due to it’s antibacterial properties

Rose water has been used for years for hair and skin care, and in India as a flavoring additive (reason why you’ll find it in the baking aisle usually) to give dishes a floral aroma. It’s prepared by steeping rose petals in water.

When it comes to skin care, rose water is great for:

  • maintaining the skin's pH balance

  • reducing excess oil and dirt in clogged pores due to its astringent like properties

  • providing anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the redness of irritated skin

  • hydrating, revitalizing, and moisturizing the skin

  • healing scars, cuts, and wound due to its antibacterial properties

  • strengthening skin cells and regenerating skin tissues due to its antioxidant properties

  • enhancing mood and reducing anxiety through aroma therapy

  • reducing wrinkles and unwanted lines

  • removing makeup

The Best DIY Home Remedy For Acne

This home remedy for acne need three simple ingredients and given regular use can even out skin tone, inhibit bacteria growth (a major contributor to acne), and most importantly, help you look and feel confident.

What’s Needed:

  1. Two 1 oz to 8 oz bottles (My two bottles are an 8 oz for home and a 2 oz for travel)

  2. Rose Water

  3. Lemon juice (freshly squeezed preferably)

  4. Filtered Water


Regardless of the bottle size I stick to a simple ratio of 1:1:3 — one part lemon juice, one part rose water, and three parts filtered water. I use filtered water because I don’t want the toxins and impurities that are in tap water to be rubbed into my skin — they’ll have the opposite effect and may actually cause acne.

When To Apply:

Waking up, the first thing I do is drink my daily water detox. Next, I head over to the bathroom to use my home remedy for acne. I pour a handful of the mixture into my left hand, lightly rub my right on top and massage the mixture on my face and neck. I make sure to rub underneath your eyes (to lighten color of dark circles under my eyes), behind the ears, and your eyebrows.

Be sure to massage upwards and out. This has been proven to reduce sagging and wrinkles. Once you’re done, let your face air dry and apply the moisturizer of your choice.