Working Retail Jobs, Working Your Brand: An Introverts Guide


For Adults 

Are you thinking about working retail? Or do you have a close teenage relative who's looking to start their first job in retail?

If you're an adult; most of us started our professional career working retail and some of us still enjoy the profession. Truth is, few people escape the retail experience in their youth and most don't utilize those years for their possible long-term benefits.

It's too late for any of us to go back and re-experience those years, but for the younger people in our lives, there's a great opportunity to start their professional life on the right path. Retail doesn't need to be their end all; even if it is, they need to learn how job experiences, no matter how annoying and useless they me seem in the moment, can set the tone for who they become professionally.

The Working Retail, Working Your Brand series will help them navigate the chaos, deal with the constant customer and staff issues, and balance work with school, family, friends, and their own identity.

For Young Adults

If you're a young adult, chances are a part-time retail job is in your future. Whether you're looking for a seasonal job, your first job, or a part-time job, retail offers young people an opportunity to make money to enjoy the early years before they get stuck being adults forever. Although you may get a retail job solely for the money, the experience you gain can be life-changing and have a lasting impact on your professional career and personal life.

Working Retail, Working Your Brand is the first book in the Never Hide series and the Working Retail, Building Your First Resume book is second. The Never Hide series is designed to reinforce the importance of being true to yourself in every situation and never hiding who you truly are for the sake of others.


Why You Need These eBooks

No one escapes work in their life; with that in mind, why not take a job experience and allow it to prepare you mentally and professionally for the rest of your life. Even if retail isn't your end goal career wise, Working Retail, Working Your Brand will:

• Show you how to rethink your role as an employee
• Teach you how to avoid feeling alienated at work
• Help you define your personal and professional brand
• Help you find comfort while working (especially if you're introverted[I am]).
• Teach you how to avoid conflict with employees and customers
• Teach you how being successful in retail can help you become successful in your life
• Teach you basic formatting skills for creating your first resume.
• How to avoid conflict with employees and customers but still stand up for yourself when necessary.
• Teach you how to write a first resume, even if you've never had a job before.
• Teach you how to write a first resume using minimal experience (e.g., internships).
• Provide retail job skill descriptions to help you note what skills you’ll need.
• Offer suggestions on references who can vouch for your professional potential.
• Teach you how to sell yourself based on your personal skills.
• Provide resources on child labor laws for each state, so you know what you’ll need to start working.
• Give you a simple base for creating a cover letter.
• Provide a simple and quick guide to start building your resume NOW.

Additionally, if retail is a field you want to invest in professionally, the first book in the series will set you on the right path to a successful future