Where Has The Work Ethic Gone? 7 Tips For A Better Work Day

work ethic

Having over 20 years of work experience in various industries, I can’t help but notice a decline in work ethic from generation to generation. There has been a lot of discussion about millennials and their lack of focus at work, including their perception of what they perceive the job to be versus the reality of what the job is.

Regardless of perception, the work ethic you create now sets the tone for the rest of your life. If you’re just starting out at a job or have been working for years, the everyday challenges never seem to go away. Here are some simple work ethic tips to help you gain mental control during the work day and set the tone for your professional career.

1. Ignore workplace gossip

Inter-work gossip is mostly negative, distracting, and can bring down workplace morale. Gossip is part of everyday life, but at work news travels faster in secluded environments. Although you can’t be avoided, your best choice is to either walking away or politely let the person know you’re not interested. The more you focus on positive information, the better work becomes.

2. Leave personal issues at home

Talking about your personal and family issues at work creates an uncomfortable work environment. Not everyone is eager to hear about personal issues, so they should be divulged on a case to case basis. In addition to making people uncomfortable, it then trickles into becoming workplace gossip, which isn’t what you were hoping for. If you have close friends at work that you can trust, confide in them. If you don't, wait until your shift ends to call a real friend. 

3. Be grateful of employment

Think back to the people in the group interview who didn't get the position that you currently have. Most people don't job hunt just for the thrill of it. We all interview because we need the income, experience, or both. As difficult as the job can be, be grateful in the moment of the experience and income you’re getting until it’s time to move on.

4.  Feeling undervalued

Everyone from all levels of the totem pole feels under-appreciated at times. We tend to work hard and always feel like no one notices or no one ever acknowledges our hard work. If no one says anything, no one knows anything is wrong. Take the initiative to pull a manager aside and ask them what more you could be doing to show your value to the team. 

5.  Strengthen your mental focus

I've always wondered why athletes play in games despite the passing of a loved one, especially when it's a parent. I've never had that exact experience but some of my most productive days were when I was going through my own personal matters. Regardless of what I had to do I knew I had a responsibility. I always put my game face on and did my job with a greater focus & determination. Most of the times those days ended up on a positive note. 

6. Avoid relationships at work

I’ve seen countless people quit or get fired due to relationship issues that spill out into the work environment. For some reason it doesn’t work for many people. There's a reason for the phrase "business before pleasure". Heed it or keep your business extremely private.

7.  Give a helping hand

Everyone started from the ground and had someone show them the ropes which lead to them being the star employee they are today. If an employee has a question it’s more beneficial to show and explain than to just do for them. You create a more comfortable and positive team oriented work environment and you become a greater asset to the team and business.  

Alexander Anderson is a native New Yorker, entrepreneur and 20 year professional veteran.  Follow Alexander and  stay up to date with all Celebrity Hair Corp news on its Twitter and Pinterest accounts.