Tell Your Story: Tips For a Stand-Out Resume

stand-out resume

As technology and the business world change, one thing that will always be constant is the resume. Whether you're getting your first or 10th job, a great resume is what draws curiosity to your personal brand. Your resume should tell your story and make the interviewer feel like they have a good grasp of your character and your skills. Use this tips to write the perfect story:

Keep It Detailed

Details are the key points to a story. They are the most important events that occurred during a time frame. They keep the reader(interviewer) engaged and build a desire and connection. When the right connection is felt you receive a phone call for an interview. Your resume should showcase your hard work. When you use bullet points to detail your skills, make sure the responsibilities, duties, and accomplishments are concise and informative.

Keep It Simple

Details are what draw people in, simplicity is what makes the story easy to follow. Excessive wording, rephrasing, or forced language tends to take away from the flow of your resume. Although you need to be detailed, your information should be straight to the point. 

Keep It Original

Interviewers tend to see anywhere from 5-20 resumes for one job. Find different ways to make yours stand out in the pile. One of the best ways is to use unique language in your bullet points.  For my managerial roles, I've used the phrase "empowered staff.." and have always received great feedback for the word "empowered." Find your words!  If you have jobs that involved the same role, find ways to reword them differently to showcase diversity in your skills, roles, and responsibility.

Keep It Honest

I'll admit, I've fabricated certain titles on my resume in the past. However, I've never lied about my roles. If you spend six months doing supervisor work but never get a title, by every right you're a supervisor and your resume should reflect that. What you should avoid doing is putting a title and responsibilities you have no experience with. If you get to the interview and aren't able to articulate your roles, the job opportunity automatically walks out the door with you. Stay true to yourself and your work. That is your best guarantee.

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