Finding Your Passion


What do you love to do? 

If your first answer is "I don't know," you're not digging deep enough.  Most of us have hobbies that started during our childhood. A certain extra activity we did, either by ourselves or that we loved doing during a specific class. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line we got caught up with becoming an adult. These hobbies were pushed aside and now we only focus on working, paying bills, and supporting other people's work. Our hobbies are our passions. They are the activities which give us peace of mind and allow us to give back to the world. 

When I was in junior high school I started exercising and eventually became obsessed with fitness. Since elementary school, my favorite classes were all related to English. I loved writing, expressing thoughts, and sharing information. Two years ago, after spending 10 years in various professional roles, I began to rediscover my hobbies and my passions and have turned them into various careers.

So once again, what do you love to do? Maybe that question isn't enough.

Here some questions to ask yourself.
  • What are you good at?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • How do you regularly help people?

  • What skills do people compliment you on?

  • What would you like to do but feel you don't have enough time to do?

  • What would you like to do but feel you don't have enough money to do?

More answers lead to more options in finding and fulfilling your passion or passions. There's no reason to just have one. Make a list. No matter how radical or unrealistic it may be, write it out. I have a deep desire to go into space, but I know I'll never make the cut as an Astronaut because I hate heights. I still want to fulfill this passion so I go to museums and planetariums to get me as close as possible. In a few months I'll buy a telescope and I'll be closer than I would have ever dreamed three years ago. Focus on the smaller passions and as you begin to discover them, focusing on larger ones won't seem as difficult.

What to do once you find it?

Once you (re)find your passion, it's time to invest time into it. All skills take time to hone, so the more time you invest, the better you'll become. Whether you want to play guitar, write more, create a podcast, knit, or bake, schedule your week in advance and commit to no less than 5 hours to start things off. Once you get the ball rolling you can commit more time, add more activities, and slowly open up new doors for new opportunities of success. Most importantly your life will feel more fulfilled week by week as you begin to do something special for yourself.

Not sure where to begin?  Feel free to contact me for life coaching support and services.